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2012 Team Rider:

Cal CooperCal Cooper exits the Bus Stop

Achievements gained within JDF Racing:

  • 2012 Champion: Aprilia RRV 450 Challenge
  • 2012 Champion: Doodson Motorsport Supertwins
  • 2012 Champion: Doodson Motorsports 650 Open

2012: Aprilia RRV 450 Challenge Results

  • 27 Podium Finishes
  • 14 Race Wins
  • 6 Second Positions
  • 7 Third Positions
  • 1 Fourth Position
  • 1 Fifth Position
  • 1 Sixth Position
  • 3 Pole Positions
  • 8 Fastest Laps
  • 1 lap Record

2012: Doodson Motorsport Supertwins ResultsCal Cooper shows his haul of silverware Mallory 2012

  • 22 Podium Finishes
  • 10 Race Wins
  • 6 Second Positions
  • 6 Third Positions
  • 4 Fourth Position
  • 1 Fifth Position
  • 6 Fastest Laps
  • 3 lap Records

2012: Doodson Motorsport 650 Open Results

  • 6 Race Wins
  • 8 Second Positions
  • 4 Third Positions
  • 3 Fourth Position
  • 4 Fifth Position
  • 1 Sixth Position
  • 3 Pole Positions

2011Cal Cooper

On the back of the performances in the Superteen Challenge, for the 2011 season he moved up to the British 125cc Championship. Riding for the RCD Motorsport Team managed by Mark Hodgson, he had mixed results as a result of breaking his leg in the second round. Despite the injury, he came back and had some creditable results.


Cal switched to road racing for a new challenge. Competing in the highly competitive Aprilia Superteen Challenge by mid season he had adapted to the unfamiliar branch of motorcycle sport.

In what became the most competitive year, he notched six wins, the lap record at Mallory Park, and a number of regular podium positions. During the course of the end of the series he became a front runner beating the eventual champion Chrissy Rouse and runner up in the series.

2005 - 2009

Cal started in Moto-cross aged 7, riding with the local schoolboys' club and quickly moved to the British championships, first in the 65cc class and then the 85cc small wheels.

He was often the fastest qualifier in both classes and regularly made the podium throughout the seasons, and apart from his first year (sixth overall in the 65s) he finished in the top three each year afterwards. One of his biggest wins was the overall at Dean Moor in Cumbria.

He also won the British Masters small wheel title in 2009 and then switched to the big wheel bike for the Weston Beach race where he ran second for most of the race before running out of fuel but still finishing seventh.

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