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Cameron Tenzing-Jenkins headshot2015 Team Rider

Cameron Tenzing-Jenkins

Career Details

16 year old motorcycle racer Cameron Tenzing-Jenkins is based in Scotland.

Born in London of Welsh, Scottish and Nepalese heritage his Father John hails from South Wales and is Welsh born and his Mother is half Scots and Nepalese.


In the 2014 season Cameron was plagued with mechanical issues with his race machine and this resulted in a lack of progress and he did not achieve the results that his ability and experience could have done. Cameron had a very long and tough year personally and blamed himself for the poor results and in doing so, put a lot of pressure on his young shoulders. He couldn’t figure out why he was not performing to the standard he felt he should have been.

When Dad John discovered it was the bike that was the issue he was somewhat relieved! After the main problems where sorted out, he managed to up the pace dramatically. In the later stages of the year, Cameron climbed higher in the running and finishing order in races, achieving 4ths, 5ths and 6ths. Cameron’s view was if he had a more reliable bike he could have challenged for a top 5 finish overall.


When the 2012 season finished his Dad knew he needed a physically larger bike due to a growth spurt, so in the 2013 season he entered the Thundersport GB Aprilia RS125 Superteen Challenge. As a rookie he managed to get on the Newcomers podium at 7 out of nine race meetings.

Cameron ended the year with a total of 11 Superteen Nitro-Newcomers trophies, consisting of multiple first, second and third places, a creditable performance in his first full season on the long tracks.


After a season on the 4.2hp and more powerful 6hp GP4 Polini machines, he moved up to a Metrakit 50cc which he rode in the British Championships. Racing together with the likes of Rory Skinner and Shane Faber. After a steep learning curve to master a geared road bike and race shift he managed to obtain better results and quicker lap times.

In the next season of racing, Dad purchased a Metrakit 70cc and Cameron managed to get to grips with it as the season progressed and was pushing the top five consistently in the season's later stages. Despite the other riders having a height and weight advantage over him he managed to challenge them at most tracks.


Cameron progressed onto a Polini 4.2 Minimoto that he raced In the Scottish and then British Championships. It was a strange jump to go from an off-road bike to a Minimoto as he had never ridden on race tyres having spent most of his time on the dirt bikes. He struggled to master the correct body position and lean angle on the Mini-moto machines, and could not believe the grip out of the tyres!


He first got into motorcycles in 2005 around the age of 10 when his Dad bought a Malaguti 50cc automatic Motocross machine for Cameron. Riding the bike off road on forestry tracks at his home in Scotland he out-grew the little bike, so a larger KTM 65cc small wheeled motocross bike was bought and he rode this at his local motocross track.

Cameron: Interests outside of Racing

Outside of racing I like to keep active and do this in a number of ways. Cycling is probably one of my more preferred hobbies as I can relax on the bike and enjoy myself yet at the same time I can push myself and keep fit in doing so. I normally go cycling every second day in the summer months as it doesn’t get dark until quite late however in the winter months when there is snow and ice laying on the ground I quite like to go for runs and I prefer it when I run in cold conditions due to the peacefulness and you don’t overheat easily. I first realised this when I was younger when I lived in Austria were I also learnt to ski and go out in colder temperatures.

I’m a big sports fan who enjoys football and rugby which I've played from my childhood through to recent years. I’ve always been interested in sport and whatever sport I take part in I am normally quite competitive. However, I do like my relaxation time and I do this normally by just watching films and TV which I thoroughly cherish as these days don’t come as often as I would like.

I’m currently in school studying a range of 'Highers’ (Scottish equivalent to A-Levels) and hope to leave school and go to university to Study Motorsport Design Engineering. I do think about my future a lot and this pushes me to try my hardest and obtain the qualifications I need for further education.

I enjoy travelling abroad, experiencing different cultures and I am learning Spanish which I practise whenever I travel to Spain on holiday. I have been lucky enough to visit South Africa a few times to visit relatives, and would like to travel to different countries.

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