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Conor Wheeler Headshot JDF Racing2015 Team Rider

Conor Wheeler

Date of Birth - 10/04/96

Lives in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Conor has recently completed and passed a college course studying Level 3 Electrical Installation. He is currently working full time for a building company fitting kitchens and is soon to start a new job in the summer as an electrician. He is also learning to drive.

Since he was a child, Conor has always had a huge passion and interest for bikes. He used to go with his Dad to watch him race and mechanic for teams at BSB. The whole family are very competitive in racing; Conor’s Granddad used to race cars, his Uncle races sailing boats and his little cousin is a junior kart champion.

Conor Wheeler JDF Racing2008 - 2010

Conor started Minimoto racing from the age of 11. He was given his first bike by one of his Dad’s old sponsors, and he’s been racing ever since. He competed in the National Pocketbike Series in the 4.2 junior class, which was the biggest Minimoto championship of that year. Conor started slow and steady and built his way up. He kept practising and pushing himself.

Towards the end of his first year he started getting podiums and battling at the front. The last round was at Lydd circuit in Kent, and that’s where it clicked for him. He was lucky enough to be lent a production bike to race. He was entered into two classes, both 4.2 Juniors and Junior production, he went on to score podium finishes in all races with great battles.

Conor was asked by Team Racing Minimotos if he would join them for next year where he entered the 4.2s again, but this time in the heavy class. Also at this time, they had bought a 70cc Metrakit, which he began doing test days on.


Sadly Conor had no racing due to lack of funds in 2011.

Conor Wheeler JDF Racing2012-2013

Conor entered the Thundersport GB championship in the Aprilia Superteens Nitro Newcomers class for his first year on a big bike on big tracks. It was a great year. Best result was at Cadwell Park where he picked up a few newcomer trophies.

The following year he entered the main Superteen championship. He started off well until he fell at Cadwell Park and broke his collarbone. Three weeks later he raced at Oulton Park where he slipped off and broke it again. After a few weeks recovery, Conor had a chance to try out the Aprilia RRV 450 at Rockingham for the first time, which was a fantastic experience. It was decided to sell the 125 and purchase an Aprilia RRV 450.


Conor was now working and saved through the winter so he could go testing in Spain. It was something he had always wanted to experience. He had a brilliant time testing at Cartagena, and being with most of the other 450 riders out there it was a perfect opportunity for him to push and gauge himself against them. He felt great throughout the 3 days there, and was feeling confident to start the 2014 season.

Conor: Thoughts on racing and other Interests

"We started the year feeling strong and looking forward to a good and fun learning curve. That didn’t go to plan as the bike had some mechanical issues. It didn’t run properly for most of the year, until the last round at Mallory Park where I scored great results throughout the weekend with fantastic battles."

"I have many sports and hobbies that I enjoy outside of my racing and work such as football, tennis, general training, music and creating and editing videos. On my days off I like to relax and think about the next meeting and how I can improve in my racing. I also have a 140 pitbike/supermoto, which I sometimes take to my local kart track to do some winter training."

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